Proud to be Local

Shopping locally makes a difference in Chesapeake, Virginia!

#SmallBusiness makes our community an exciting place to live, work, and play. So #ShopChesapeake to keep your dollars in your neighborhood. Explore Chesapeake, VA to find out what it has to offer, you might be surprised! Make the commitment to make a positive difference in your town, by getting out there to #ShopTheHood, #ShopSmall, and #ShopLocal!

Discover all that Chesapeake, Virginia has to offer.

Keep Your Money Local

When you #ShopChesapeake, 68 cents of every dollar will stay in your local economy. Compared with only 43 cents staying in your community if you shop at a chain store, that's a lot of money making your neighborhood vibrant!

Create Local Jobs

Small businesses provide more local #jobs than regional or national businesses. With more people working in your community, that means more tax dollars for public services, and a stronger and more stable place to live!

Go Local, Go Green

Shrink your carbon footprint by doing your shopping in Chesapeake, Virginia with local merchants. Locally owned businesses buy twice as many local products and services as their chain counterparts. So when you #ShopTheHood, not only do you spend less time on the road, but so do the goods you buy!

Improve Your Neighborhood

When you #ShopSmall, you're investing in neighborhood improvement and community development. By supporting Chesapeake businesses, you're supporting a network of people working towards the same goal: a lively and healthy place to call home!

Find Something Unique

Find something different than what you see at the big box stores. Local shops carry a larger variety of items than big box stores because they don't need to fill thousands of locations! Their offerings are unique and well-crafted items that will last a lifetime. #ShopLocal to find the perfect gift!

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Discover what Chesapeake, Virginia has to offer.

Make the choice to discover something new and support a local #SmallBiz. You'll be helping to support your local economy and a local entrepreneur! Browse everything that Chesapeake, VA has to offer in the local CitySite, and find exactly what you're looking for.

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